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Closing date for submissions is extended till 9th September 2022.

The eBusiness Awards have become synonymous with the business community in Malta and Gozo.

The Malta eBusiness Awards for Innovative Initiatives in Tech
Established in 2011, these awards aid in the promotion of the most innovative initiatives in the domain of eBusiness for development and to spread awareness about the role of web-based technologies in addressing social and economic concerns. The awards have the aim of acknowledging unique and innovative ideas and initiatives in the use of technologies and eBusiness for businesses and society at large.
Award Objectives
  • To encourage institutions and individual leaders to use and apply technological and web-based tools in various sectors;
  • To identify and popularise emerging organisations and innovative projects from the different sectors;
  • To identify projects that exemplify the kind of implementation that can be easily replicated and at the same time proves efficient and sustainable;
  • To promote the most innovative initiatives in the domain of web-based technologies and eBusiness for development;
  • To spread awareness about the role of technologies in addressing social concerns; and
  • To emphasise the instrumental effectiveness of technology and web-based applications.


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