Best Sustainable eBusiness

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Adjudication Criteria

Over the last decade eBusiness has experienced unprecedented growth which has consequently impacted the environment negatively.

Main Adjudication Criteria

1    Environmental Benefit

Promoting business practices that leave a positive impact on the environment.

2    Resource Management

Managing and/or utilising alternative resources with minimal or no impact in price, quality and to the environment.

3    Innovation in Sustainable Practices

The innovativeness of sustainable business practices by the business.

4    Value Proposition

How the value proposition reflects sustainability at the very core of the business.

Bonus Criterion

5     Social and Corporate Governance

Recognising those who made a considerable effort to contribute towards community welfare and those focusing on good corporate governance.

Ref. Primary Adjudication Criteria Weighting (%)
1 Environmental Benefit 25
2 Resource Management 25
3 Innovation in Sustainable Practices 25
4 Value Proposition 25
Ref. Bonus Criterion Weighting (%)
5 Social and Corporate Governance 5

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