Winners & Finalists by Category

Category – Best eGovernment Initiative

Winners – Inland Revenue Department (IR Services on-line) – MITA

IR Services Online is a suite of on line electronic interactive services that accompany anyone through the Inland Revenue obligations. Beneficiaries range from businesses who submit tax returns and provisional tax payments, employers who withhold tax and social security contributions, individual persons, and tax practitioners on behalf of taxpayers. The Inland Revenue collects large volumes of information from Taxpayers and Tax Practitioners. Business taxpayers may on average interact with the Department around 17 times a year in the fulfilment of tax obligations. The solution aims to provide services to both taxpayers and tax practitioners, with facilities to comply with their tax obligations on line from the comfort of home or office. The IRD’s e-Business applications are always implemented following a comprehensive review of related processes. Business process re-engineering is affected to simplify the obligations, reduce the amount of bureaucracy and support the users to perform less errors that may lead to fines or penalties.

Finalists – VAT Department – MITA, Enemalta


Category – Best use of Technology in Education and Training

Winners – Malta Institute of Management (MIM EB-Learn) – Allsecure Ltd

EB-Learn is a sophisticated e-learning system developed by E-Business Systems a division of AllSecure Ltd, (hereinafter referred to as the contractor or EBS) providing interactive communication tools between students and educational institution by means of the Internet. All communications are made through e learning system via the Internet access to these online websites is made via browsers such as Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome. The main functional part of the portal is placed on specialized Web servers run by EBS which are located in Germany and the US.

Finalists – PWC – ICON, Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit (FTZ)


Category – Best Maltese eCommerce Site (B2C)

Winners – Bow & Ribbon – Prickly Pear Works

Developed by Prickly Pear Works, the Bow&Ribbon website pioneered the local souvenir market with a simple online catalogue. Following significant success of the initial online offering, the website has been revamped to a fully-fledged e-commerce portal. With a simple and user-friendly interface and easy navigability, the Bow&Ribbon gives the user and simple buying experience, from direct access to product information all the way through to purchasing the items. Browsing is facilitated by occasion, by material or price order, while each product clearly features the price, full description, several product images and a list of other related items that may be of interest to the client. Items are added to the shopping bag at any given time and checkout is extremely easy. Functionalities also include packaging enhancement options, newsletter subscription and interesting articles to help clients plan their celebrations.

Finalists – Etail Ltd, FTYC


Category – Best eHealth Initiative

Winners – Medical Portals – SMS4Health

SMS4Health (https://www.sms4health.com )is an automated, reminder system for use in medical practice which sends out regular messages using SMS to subscribers based on the recommendations by their doctor. Each message is personalized and based on standardized templates. Patients receive messages as agreed between patient and doctor and the types of messages are determined by the age and gender of the patient. The system has been designed by practicing medical professionals and great care has been taken to ensure ease of use and practicality with the view to improve practice performance with minimal intrusion on time and effort by the physician or practice staff.  SMS4Health messages are sent for the purpose of primary prevention ranging from childhood and adult vaccinations to reminders for well-person checks. SMS4Health is a useful tool in chronic disease management such as Hypertension, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Thyroid problems. Doctors need to ensure that patients suffering from these conditions are regularly invited to check the level of control and in many cases,  this would involve a whole programme of regular checks. Scientific studies have consistently shown that close monitoring and tight control of many common chronic medical conditions is associated with decrease in mortality and morbidity.


Category – Best Use of Online Media

Winners – Property Book – Seasus

Property Book is a unique Facebook application developed by Seasus for Seasus, that allows members to buy or sell properties, exposed on the world’s largest social network boasting over 500 million users. Catering for the local and international markets, Property Book brings together properties from all over the world, and directly uploaded from owners and estate agents alike. Advantages to Property Negotiators include;

Exposure- properties can be exposed to virtually hundreds of millions of users, local and foreign,

Price – With respect to other marketing media, costs are inexpensive especially when compared to printed matter or Affiliate Marketing,

Effortless- Seasus make it easy for an agency to be active on Property Book by synchronising with property-database in real time.

Interactivity- Immediate response is guaranteed as members can directly contact the agency and vice versa

Property Book leverages an agency’s brand by giving it an active role within the world’s largest Social Network.

Finalists – Social Fat Marmots – Seasus, MUOVO – ICON


Category – Best B2B Supply Chain

Winners – Lufthansa Cargo – Lufthansa Cargo

Lufthansa Cargo has been the main driver in Malta to introduce e-freight in Malta. With the help and assistance of MCA, it has been the main driver to unite a lot of players to accept e-freight in Malta. The stake holders were Malta customs, IATA HQ, other airlines! Handling agents, forwarding agents and shippers and last but not least MCA managements, ministry of finance, ministry of transport and MITA. In a few months the project was up and running thanks to the co erred efforts of all stake holders.

Finalists – Robert Arrigo & Sons Ltd, VJ Salamone – ICON


Category – Best Indigenous Enterprise of the year

Winners – Corporate Social Media Marketing – Seasus

Seasus has been a pioneer in the field of social media marketing on the Maltese Islands, merging together web technologies and marketing concepts into an online presence, currently valued as the most important one – that of social media. With a number of local and international businesses on their portfolio, Seasus is today leading the sector of corporate social media marketing with its varied services tailored for each client. Seasus has foreseen the potential of a social network, not just for individuals, but especially for businesses. The possibilities of corporate social media marketing are endless, not only for the public or the private sector, but also for the Government, now moving into the e-commerce world at a fast pace.

Finalists – Careerpassport (Malta) Ltd, LogicPass Ltd

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