2ND EDITION (2012)

Winners & Finalists by Category

Category – Best eGovernment Initiative

Winners – Ministry of Health, the Elderly and Community Care (myHealth Record) – MITA & Alert

The myHealth Record is a website that enables valid e-ID holders and the doctors that they choose to gain instantaneous secure access to their personal medical information through any device connected to the internet. The system was launched in January 2012 and is being implemented in phases.  The medical information available includes. Mater Dei Hospital Case Summaries, current Pharmacy of Your Choice (PoYC) medicines entitlement, Lab results (Haematology, Biochemistry, Immunology, Toxicology), and Medical image reports. Case Summaries and PoYC data are directly available to patients.  The results and reports become available by choosing one or more doctors through the system and inviting them to be linked in the myHealth Record system. These doctors are then able to release the information. The available information is sourced from Government health IT systems on a daily basis and data is from 2008 onwards.

Finalists – Employment and Training Corporation (ETC), Transport Malta – Key Software


Categories – Best eCommerce Site (B2C)

Winners – CC Web Trader – Calamatta Cuschieri Co Ltd

CC Web Trader is a full owned 100% proprietary solution that provides investors with independent, autonomous, constant and direct access to over 30 international financial markets, including the US, Canadian, European, Asian and African markets amongst others. Investors are able to trade various instruments including Shares, ETFs, Bonds, Funds and ETF’s over the various international exchanges. CC Web Trader also provides investors with access to the Malta Stock Exchange. CC Web Trader also allows investors to trade various types of orders such as stop losses orders and limit orders with user defined validity periods.  In addition, investors have access to research on various instruments, portfolio statistical analysis tools, access to all trade contracts and remittances as well as the ability to communicate directly with CC from the platform.  CC Web Trader also hosts an array of supplementary features including the ability to convert between currencies, the ability to hold multiple account balances and the ability to monitor preferred instruments

Finalists – 6PM, Alert


Category – Most Innovative Solution

Winners – Vodafone Malta Ltd (Vouchercloud) – Invitation Digital Ltd.

A fantastic opportunity for consumers to find shopping bargains in a very innovative way! Vouchercloud, the first discount voucher mobile app, is set to revolutionise Maltese shopping habits, saving consumers hundreds of Euros! Vouchercloud is a free smartphone application which can be downloaded from App Store, Google Play and Blackberry App World. The app provides the best digital discount vouchers from Malta directly to the users’ Smartphone screen, guiding them to the shop’s front door using the Smartphone’s digital mapping application in order to redeem the voucher in an eco-friendly way and doing away without the need to print paper vouchers. Launched locally in July 2012, vouchercloud uses location services to search the nearest special offers. the service offers a significant number of special deals across various categories including restaurants, food to go, fashion, and health and beauty. In just two months, vouchercloud has already offered numerous special offers from top brands on the Maltese market. With over 6,000 app downloads, 2300 fans on its Facebook page, and over 7,000 registered users since launch date, vouchercloud transforms the old paper discount vouchers to a state-of-the-art experience using the latest technology.


Category – Best Use of Social Media

Winners – Malta Community Chest Fund (L-istrina Donation Application) – Seasus

L-Istrina 2011 Donation App is a unique application developed for the Facebook platform, conceptualised and developed by Seasus Limited, enabling Facebook members to make donations online via debit or credit cards in a secure environment, just like on an e-commerce site. Way back in 2010 Seasus thought it would be a good idea for Facebook users to have a very original way of donating money to L-Istrina, i.e. by passing funds online via debit/credit cards in a secure environment. The main aim was to provide an easy way for expatriates and Maltese living abroad to participate in the yearly event and give their contribution. The idea was immediately welcomed by the Malta Community Chest Fund and during the 13-hour TV marathon during 2010, the Facebook users donated over €13,000 through the application. The app was reconfirmed for the 2011 Campaign, aiming for bigger and better results. In fact, the popularity increased, attracting 6,000 users and raising €33,000 in donations via the world’s largest social network – a one-of-a-kind activity. Seasus provides MCCF with the latest web technologies within a secure environment for peace of mind when donating online via the Seasus PCI Certified payment gateway. All services are provided free of charge by Seasus for this charitable cause.

Finalists – Webit Design Studios Ltd, Wicker Communications Boutique


Category – Best B2B Application

Winners – Konnekt Search & Selection (Careerpassport Malta Ltd) – Careerpassport Malta Ltd

Careerpassport is an innovative system using modern web technology to minimise difficulties encountered by organisations and candidates during recruitment. It’s an online service that helps the parties involved in the recruitment industry to communicate in a secure and completely confidential environment. Careerpassport is a recruitment system that manages the entire process including: vacancies online on different website both local and foreign, Receiving applications into one portal from the different websites, Storing and searching within candidates’ profiles and CVs, Automating the first round of shortlisting, Responding to candidates by updating their status and sending out personalised emails using the email templates feature, Rating candidates and writing interview reports, Integrating with recruitment agencies and therefore moving the whole recruitment industry online – a true e-business solution. Candidates can use their one careerpassport profile to apply for various vacancies, to follow employers and to submit their CV as an open application. They can use the same profile to submit details to different companies by visiting their website and logging in. This saves candidates the trouble of filling in repetitive forms. The result is an efficient streamlined solution, leading to reduced expenses, better communication and an overall smoother recruitment process, online.

Finalists – Think Design Ltd,


Category – Best Mobile Application

Winners – Bank of Valletta plc (BOV Mobile) – IND Group Holding Ltd

BOV Mobile is a combined Mobile Payments and Mobile Banking App which was launched in March 2012. BOV Mobile offers remote person-to-person and consumer-to-business electronic mobile payments. The service is ground-breaking for Malta: it allows anyone with a mobile phone to accept payments directly to their BOV bank account simply by quoting their mobile phone number, regardless of whether the customers are personal or business, and irrespective of the brand or model of their mobile phone. BOV Customers who have compatible smartphones can make and receive mobile payments, as well as budget their daily mobile-payment spend. Customers can easily use their smartphone to pay bills to more than 130 service providers; they can stay on top of their finances by conveniently moving money between any of their accounts, viewing real-time account balances, and reviewing the transaction history of all their accounts held with BOV. BOV Mobile and other 24×7 self-service channels are architecturally integrated. This affords many convenient features, including the ability to access from a smartphone bill payment and transfer templates which were created on internet banking, and to authorise payments and transactions created by other persons at a BOV branch, office internet banking, or from another smartphone.

Finalists – Invitation Digital Ltd – Vodafone Malta Ltd, Semag Games – Anchovy Studios


Category – Best Use of Technology in the Tourism Sector

Winners – Malta Tourism Authority (Visitmalta.com) – Alert eBusiness

Visitmalta.com is the main vehicle for MTA’s online presence. Originally launched in 1996, the destination marketing portal experienced several redesigns over the years. The most recent major update took place in 2007, and the site continued to be expanded and updated constantly ever since. Late in 2010, MTA initiated the process to commission a new version of the portal that takes into account the recent advances in technology, shifts in trends and the changing profile of the visitor. After a lengthy competitive bid and several months of development and testing, the new portal went online in April 2012. Initially, the portal was launched in the English language version. Work is under way on the development of another nine language versions which will be introduced over the coming weeks. The solution also incorporates a module within its CMS that permits the creation of sub-sites within the visitmalta domain. This functionality will be used to develop sister-sites on different topics, having a distinct identity, navigation and colour scheme but sharing common content and CMS. This, coupled with the continuous updates (especially in sections like news and events), will extend the site’s lifetime, whilst guaranteeing that it remains fresh and relevant over time.

Finalists – Semag Games – Anchiovy Studios, Cyberloft


Category – Best eBusiness Idea of the Year

Winners – Blockmonster.eu – ICON

Blockmonster.eu is the property administrator’s dream. It is all about freeing administrators from time-consuming or expensive tasks through an easy and fast online application. Blockmonster is a software-as-a-service app whereby there is nothing to install, configure or maintain. Everything is available at the touch of a button from all around the world. Features range from handling money and budgets to communications and social media, all at a ridiculously cheap monthly price. All these features are powered by cutting edge technology with special attention to the user experience. We hate tabular data and boring traditional layouts. Every feature within Blockmonster is specially crafted to be extra easy to understand and use, making full use of the latest technology including HTML5, JavaScript and AJAX. Non-technical users will find it a joy to use, making property administration an easy, friendly and enjoyable task.

Finalists – Calamatta Cuschieri Co Ltd, eCabs – iMovo

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