3RD EDITION (2013)

Winners & Finalists by Category

Category – Best eGovernment Initiative

Winners – MCAST (shortcourses.mcast.edu.mt) – Seasus

The main aim of MCAST’s part-time (evening) courses is to make lifelong learning accessible to everyone, even individuals whose family, work or other personal commitments prohibit them from training or working towards vocational qualifications through day courses. In this regard, launching an online solution to enable prospective students to apply for these courses online is another way of making these courses more accessible – through the site, one can apply from an office or from home, at any time of day. An online application platform makes it easier for persons with accessibility difficulties to apply for MCAST short courses. It also helps in the administration of these courses as online applications involve less administrative and clerical work than receiving applications in person. The website also makes it possible for MCAST to give prospective students full details of each of the 300 courses on offer in a convenient, environment-friendly medium – including all this information into a printed prospectus would involve much more.

Finalists – MITA


Category – Best B2B Application

Winners – Sullivan Maritime Ltd (FastBook) – Mangion & Lightfoot

FastBook is a web-based application that allows Sullivan Maritime’s clients to book trailers and other vehicles onto Sullivan Maritime managed cargo vessels sailing into and out of Malta. Sullivan Maritime staff can see the status of bookings for each voyage at a glance, and can review and approve the booking of vehicles containing hazardous materials, before using the application to automatically send loading lists to the port and vessel. Clients can maintain their own vehicle fleet lists to save time when making bookings. A variety of custom reports are available to Sullivan Maritime staff in order to generate legally-required documentation and provide information to the vessel operators. FastBook replaces an entirely manual system which was based around multiple spreadsheets and was extremely paper-intensive.

Finalists PWC, 2x Software


Category – Best eBusiness Idea of the Year

Winners – Clever Accounting – Clever Solutions Ltd

Clever Accounting is an online accounting package. Small business owners and accountants can use it to record their accounts, bank reconciliation, invoicing, tax, and to generate accounting reports and financial statements. It is a fully-featured accounting system that is easy to use, secure, and affordable. The purpose of Clever Accounting is to provide small business owners with more control over their company’s finances. This is achieved as accounting data and functionality becomes more accessible enabling the business owner to take decisions in line with actual business financial data. The situation with many businesses is that the accounting function is seen as a burden and an expense. In reality, accounting is one of the pillars of a strong business organization, regardless of size. It is unfortunate that many businesses are not aware of their financial situation however, through the use of Clever Accounting, business owners are able to remain updated on their business financial health and take action accordingly.

Finalists – Exante, PWC


Category – Best App

Winners – Brain Music System Mobile – AAT Research Ltd

The MENTe and the Brain Music System is a revolutionary and unique system that allows Autistic Patients to use such an aid free from the clinical environments and at their own convenience. Previously this system only required a laptop/PC with speakers or headphones and a maximum of 45 mins per session every morning. Now with the introduction of our application the patients are able to do their therapy sessions virtually anywhere. The Brain Music System (BMS) is a standard course of Sonified Neurofeedback therapy, tailored specifically to individual patients. By connecting AAT Research’s CE Medical and FDA approved Class 1 “MENTe” EEG device, the BMS analyses the components of an EEG output from a user and then converts these waves into music used for therapy.

Finalists – Melita plc, My Tour Talk Malta Ltd – Oli


Category – Best Multi-Channel Strategy

Winners – bov.com – Bank of Valletta

BOV embarked on a renewed Multi Channel Banking Strategy known as MCB2.0, centred around creating an unprecedentedly positive customer experience. This is a multi-year strategy, with BOV mobile being the first deliverable, introducing a mobile payments and banking app to Malta. The Bank’s original Multi Channel Strategy, together with the MCB 2.0 revision has translated into an increasingly rich set of customer centric innovations. The MCB 2.0 revision introduced in 2011 is formulated to focus on revitalizing the customer-to-bank experience across all person-to-person and electronic channels. As part of the process of developing the strategy, the Bank has come up with a vision of the resultant expected customer experience, and entrenched it in 9 customer-experience anchors that form the bedrock of a product design process geared to achieve this vision.

Finalists – Airmalta – ICON, P. Cutajar & Co Ltd – BRNG WGN


Category – Best eCommerce Site (B2C)

Winners – dealtoday.com.mt – Good Morning Malta Ltd

Dealtoday.com.mt operates as an Ecommerce platform that connects merchants to consumers by offering discounted services, travels and products to the local market in Malta. The site consists of offers such as restaurants, massages, spas, hotels, courses, events, education and much more. Dealtoday.com.mt sends out daily deals to its subscribers by email. The site also enables its users to access deals through the website and mobile applications.Dealtoday.com.mt is a marketing platform where partners can promote different offers to all dealtoday users. Dealtoday.com.mt is from an end-user point of view a great and safe way to get great deals and try things for the first time for a great reduced price.

Finalists – Cyberspace Solutions, Mdina Glass- Media Consultants, Miller Distributors – BRND WGN

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