5TH EDITION (2016)

Winners & Finalists by Category

Category – Best eGovernment Initiative

Winners – Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure (electronicvehicles.malta.eu) – ICON

DemoEV is aimed to demonstrate the advantages of electro-mobility through the use of the latest electric vehicle technology and to systemise the deployment of a national electric car-charging network.  The management of this network is through a web-based platform that identifies 90 geo-located charging points and establishes their real-time status. Utilising Microsoft Azure cloud technology, drivers can pre-book charging slots and authenticate themselves at the charging station through an RFID card or a web-based application. They can also access booking history, payments effected and lodge requests through a mobile-optimised user dashboard. The administrators, on the other hand, have access to reporting, statistical data and business-intelligence layers.

Finalists – MITA, The Postgraduate Medical Training Centre (PMTC) – ICON


Category – Best App

Winners – Mapfre Middlesea (Motormax App) – Handson Systems

Motormax app is an innovative usage-based car insurance product that provides young drivers affordable insurance according to their recorded driving performance. The app is fed data from a small car-mounted telematic device which empowers drivers to keep tabs on their driving patterns with respect to parameters such as speed, mileage and time of driving. Measured on a 1 to 4 scale, driving performance is then calculated on a daily basis, rewarding diligent drivers with up to 40% off their insurance renewal policy. The app also includes real-time car localisation, driving habits statistics , a parking timer, a feature to call assistance, email and SMS alerts and a history of the routes driven.

Finalists – Calamatta Cuschieri Co Ltd, Melita plc


Category – Best B2B Application

Winners – Hbit8 Platform – HBit8

Bit 8 platform is a cutting-edge online gaming platform solution driven by propriety artificial intelligence technology. The platform’s highly modular structure presents excellent scalability to accommodate any number of concurrent players and caters for over 30 integrations with third parties. It includes functionalities such as Player Account Management, eWallet, real-time analytical tools, automated rules and a bonus engine which significantly reduces laborious and costly manual interventions. The platform, which can be freely hosted privately or the cloud, offers an advanced bonus system that works across multiple game suppliers and cross products, promotions and tournaments. Considered ground-breaking for the gaming industry, the platform adapts technology from high frequency trading and the financial service industry, permitting a robust inbuilt risk management framework. This platform has boldly set its sight to become the industry’s best online gaming platform, across multiple products and channel verticals.

Finalists – Supreme Travel – Seasus, Apco Systems


Category – Best eCommerce Site (B2C)

Winners – Elmo Insurance (www.elmoinsurance.com) – Seasus

the Elmo Insurance website offers clients and prospective clients with real-time quotes of a wide range of insurance services, which can then be purchased and paid online in a secured PCI certified environment. Furthermore, all client server communications are handled by SSL encryption. Clients now have the facility to renew their policies on as is basis or revised in the event of changed circumstances.

Finalists – Malta Public Transport – Alert eBusiness, Mdina Glass – Untangled Media


Category – Best ERP Solution

Winners – Foster Clark (Microsoft Dinamics AX) – KPMG Crimsonwing

Foster Clark chose Microsoft Dynamics AX as an ERP solution to integrate the business needs of a wide range of departments including; Production, planning, finance, procurement, warehousing, sales, logistics and quality control. In addition to covering the needs of so many internal departments this ERP solution also possesses capabilities to cater for retailers, the service industry and public sector organisations.

Finalists – Water Services Corporation


Category – Best Use of Social Media

Winners – eCabs – M7Alpha Creative Studios

From an automated booking engine to GPS tracking of each cab and now also through an intelligently executed social media campaign, eCabs benefitted from 1000’s of Facebook likes and scores of positive comments after every post. Despite using other Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Google +, Pinterest  and Instagram , Facebook remains eCabs ‘ flagship platform for Customer engagement , Reviews, Information Apps and Marketing with the latter used so creatively that it shook up  the local marketing landscape with a series of innovative trending and viral indirect adverts. Inspired by trending topics, news and ideas, that are normally the talk-of-the town during a particular period, a campaign will be quickly organised in a seamless workflow to generate an interactive and creative information pull.

Finalists – Maypole Group – Y Ltd, Finance Malta


Category – Best Tech Start-Up

Winners – Hotjar

Considered one of the fastest growing tools in the analytics sphere, Hotjar is an all-in-one analysis and feedback tool that allows users to truly understand site visitors and thus improve the user experience on their sites. From just 238 paying customers in April 2015 we have gone up to 3,692 by the end of same year, reached 100,000 users and were live on 74,000 sites. That’s an extraordinary increase of 1,450% in customer-base in less than 8 months. The Web Analytics Market is estimated to grow from $1.33 billion in 2014 to $3.09 billion in 2019. The industry is heavily fragmented and quite frankly more expensive. Hotjar want to democratise user analytics and feedback, for this reason Hotjar is free – in the form of a limited account.

Finalists – Thought 3D, DiscountIF


Category – Best ICT Academic Project with an eBusiness Theme

Winner – Using Social Media as a Basis for Marketing Initiatives – Ms Kelly Steer

Over the years, social media has evolved from a personal interest to a commercial activity as it became one of the core technologies used in e-Business. The aim of this project is to provide an analytical aspect to social media interactions. This is achieved by extracting and managing a part of the social graph of two popular social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook, through their own APIs. Different consolidation techniques are then run over the data gathered to create a unified data model which is in return stored in a graph database. This model offers quick and easy searches of data, and allows for fast query execution to extract various insights. The insights produced are visualised by using different charts which ultimately enables marketing experts to improve their campaigns by achieving better targeted marketing, while enhancing their overall social media presence for their e-Business.

Finalists – Andre Cassar/Geoffrey Spiteri, Yanika Abela

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