6TH EDITION (2017)

Winners & Finalists by Category

Category – Best App

Winners – Tallinja App

Owner: Malta Public Transport
Developer: Alert Communications

With the new public transport service started operating in January 2015, the Tallinja mobile app was the ideal product aimed at local commuters. The Tallinja mobile app gives users the opportunity to view and take action on their own account without having to contact Malta Public Transport. Users can check their balance, top up their Tallinja card and make use of the Journey Planner from within the same application, irrespective of whether they are logged in with their account or not. This will facilitate their experience when making use of Malta Public Transport services as they can plan their journey from beforehand from anywhere around Malta.

Finalists – Allied Newspapers Ltd / Minely Ltd, Speech Language Department – Vodafone Malta Foundation / Robusta Solutions Ltd


Category – Best eGovernment Initiative

Winners – JobsPlus – https://jobsplus.gov.mt/ 

Owner: Jobsplus
Developer: ICON

The JobsPlus website offers job seekers the opportunity to create a personalised digital profile which covers their personal details, education, employment history, key skills and the type of roles which they’re interested in. It gives employers the option to create their vacancy profiles covering the academic background, skills, experience and job type required for their vacancy. The portal matches job seekers with vacancies and vice versa through their skills and competencies. It also matches job seekers and employers without the need for having human intervention by Jobsplus staff, thus allowing a more virtual employment market environment, and offers the option of having instant matching of job seekers to vacancies. Both job seekers and employers can refine their searching criteria instantly whilst allowing them to have a matching result instantly, providing the option to identify skills and academic gaps. All registered companies and citizens with Jobsplus can feature on the JobsPlus Portal.

Finalists – Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business / MITA, Pharmacy of your Choice / PTL Ltd


Category – Best Use of Technology in Business Transformation

Winners – The Pharmacy of Your Choice Scheme: Beyond An ERP Solution

Owner: Pharmacy of Your Choice
Developer: PTL Ltd

The Pharmacy Of Your Choice Unit is an innovative cultural and business model of how Government successfully leverages the market position and location of the pharmacies and economic operators in the private sector to increase its efficiency and effectiveness in free pharmaceutical and other services delivery to a client-base of over 150,000 patients. We are the FIRST Government owned entity of this magnitude connected in real-time with 222 community pharmacies across Malta and Gozo. Our innovative real-time ICT solutions enabled us to shift towards a consumption management approach which facilitate the timely operational management more accurately – and not reactively, thereby drastically curbing wastage while providing better patient coverage and greater precision in resource utilisation. The POYC Unit has maintained its progressive momentum during the years and through the consolidation of its ICT solutions emerged as a pivotal component of the ever-emerging top-notch National Health Service and standards.

Finalists – Queen’s Hospital, Essex / 6PM, eCabs / iMovo, Chiswick High School / MySchool


Category – Best B2C

Winners – SendOn & Easipik, www.maltapost.com/easipik

Owner: Maltapost
Developer: Ascent Software/Swipbox AG

E-commerce logistics activity has increased considerably over the past years with both consumers and businesses leveraging on a global market to fulfil their purchasing requirements. To further improve the customer experience, MaltaPost has established easipik, a nationwide parcel locker network to further strengthen its local delivery offering. This network provides customers the option to collect their items at any time from automated locker banks conveniently located around Malta and Gozo. By combining SendOn and Easipik, MaltaPost is providing an innovative international logistics solution, allowing e-commerce users to purchase any items within regional market places and collect these in Malta at any time from automated locker stations. Through this solution MaltaPost is providing its customers unrestricted access to the major market places in Europe and USA, allowing local customers to benefit from any regional or country specific offers while also providing highly competitive international shipping rates and the most flexible, extensive and innovative local delivery options on the island.

Finalists – Romy Foods Sweden / Casasoft, Malta University Language School / Seasus


Category – Best B2B

Winners – Shireburn Indigo Payroll

Owner: Shireburn Software
Developer: Shireburn Software

Shireburn Indigo Payroll is an innovative, multi-tenanted, Cloud based payroll and leave management solution, which simplifies the entire payroll process, automating its calculation and satisfying all legal requirements, whilst offering businesses an innovative self-service tool through a unique employee portal. Developed using the Microsoft Azure Cloud as a platform rather than just a virtual server, Shireburn Indigo Payroll allows small and large businesses alike to scale their payroll process with the greatest level of productivity, security and convenience, providing the added flexibility, through the Cloud, to work from anywhere and any device with an internet connection. The Indigo employee portal allows employees to securely log into a system that gives them access to a number of customisable widgets allowing them to view their leave balances, apply for leave online, approve the leave of others, download their past payslips and FS3 forms amongst other useful functions. With nearly 2,000 employees using the solution in its first year since launch, the convenience, capabilities and manageability of the Shireburn Indigo Payroll is driving growth in this sector.

Finalists – Romy Foods Corporation Ltd / Casasoft, Aquani (NIBE Marketing Ltd)/Seasus


Category – Best Social Media Campaign (50% people’s choice)

Winners – New York Best – https://www.instagram.com/newyorkbestofficial & https://www.facebook.com/newyorkbest

Owner: New York Best/ Popular Marketing Ltd
Developer: Anchovy

New York Best – a company built on culture and starting conversations. A place where you can get good, quality food and feel good vibes. The ‘it’ place to be. Being spoken about by the right people – people with an attitude, with a passion for food, with a thirst for excellence. We can throw social media at you. We could put up hundreds of Google ads. Ultimately, it is not about what we have to say – but about what you, the consumers, have to say. We start the conversation. You continue it. It’s that simple. It’s all about getting the right people saying the right thing at the right time – which is the basis of influencer marketing. Any marketer worth his salt knows that communication is not a one-way passage but a two-way conversation. That’s what we’ve done. Initiated the conversation.

Finalists – Simonds Farsons Cisk plc / BPC International, GO / BPC International, ICON


Category – Best Tech Startup

Winners – TheStudentCampus

TheStudentCampus is a powerful combination of learning management and virtual tools rolled up in one versatile, intuitive and dynamic learning solution. This technology enhances learning and promotes greater cross-cultural engagement in both typical educational settings as well as business learning environments of all sizes. TheStudentCampus is the world’s most intuitive and affordable learning solution.

Finalists – Thought3D,  OulalaGames


Category – Best Academic Dissertation with an eBusiness Theme

Winner – Daniela Bartolo – Malta’s Digital Economy: Developing Connectivity for a Small EU Member State

Capturing the role of broadband in leveraging a country’s competitiveness and its citizens’ welfare, the study assesses the manner in which Malta, as a small European Union member state, is leveraging broadband connectivity to enhance its competitiveness and growth. In an industry where the demand responds to the supply, this study takes stock of existing challenges with the supply of broadband connectivity in Malta and adopts a forward-looking approach in making recommendations that support increased access to competitively priced faster broadband connectivity in Malta. Acknowledging the role that the creation of a digital economy has on Malta’s economic, social and political landscape, the study encourages the setting of policies that complement sector-specific legislation to facilitate the leveraging of broadband connectivity by enterprises and to empower citizens to be part of the digital economy.

Finalists – Daniel Zammit – A machine learning based approach for intrusion prevention using honeypot interaction patterns as training data, Chiara Attard – Extending and Automating ETL Processes in DWH

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