8TH EDITION (2019)

Winners & Finalists by Category

Category – Best ICT Academic Dissertation with an eBusiness Theme

Winner – Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Of A Production Line with overlapping in operations

Student: Karl Bezzina 

Flexible job shop scheduling is a problem in which given a set of jobs, and a set of resources solutions to this problem consist of the allocation of jobs to a resource, and the sequencing of jobs being processed by specific resources. Problems in this domain are expected to grow larger in size, and as a result these problems become more difficult to solve. In relation to this dissertation, the problem presented was that of a factory that produces carton boxes. The jobs consisted of a number of operations, and every operation could be processed on a number of machines, which made the problem even more difficult. Solutions to this problem were provided using mainly 3 meta-heuristic algorithms, the Ant Colony Optimization, Tabu Search, and Genetic Algorithms. The results have shown that by using AI to provide solutions for such problems provided better results when compared to those schedules produced manually. 

Finalists – Augmenting the Interpretation of Emoji in Translation using Machine Learning: A Study in the Local Context, Evaluating the Effectiveness of Different Communication Channels for Market Basket Analysis


Category – Best Use of Technology in Business Transformation

Winners – Biedja Cam

Owner: Office of the Prime Minister

Developer: Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change 

BiedjaCam is a collaboration platform, between the Agriculture and Rural Payments Agency and land farmers, to better manage controls of subsidies related to the Common Agricultural Policy. BiedjaCam collects information from a central GIS database and Copernicus satellite images, processes the data through its rules’ engine and communicates with farmers to provide geotagged photos that will serve as evidence for non-conclusive diagnosis by Artificial Intelligence processes. By combing 3D terrain data, GPS, Satellite Imagery and Augmented Reality technology, the app provides an innovative way of visualizing registered land use data while on the field. A series of in-built validations and workflow processing, guarantee a reliable source of information with the required data quality and integrity. The app is bi-lingual, works offline, has a fully-fledged user account system also enabling the set-up of proxies allowing farmer representatives to take geotagged photos and uploading into the GIS as evidence of crops, activities and obligations in their fields. This method aims at substituting field inspections by ARPA, giving farmers an active role in the payment decision process while reducing the risk of non-conformities with EU fund rules. 

Finalists – Kycmatic, Shiplowcost export/ www.shiplowcost.com


Category – Best eCommerce Site (B2C)

Winners – https://thetinkshop.com

Owner: TinkTank Ltd

Developer: NIU Ltd. 

Thetinkshop.com was born to creatively assist people with a wide range of keepsake tinks to celebrate the most cherished moments of life – spreading happiness one tink at a time. With a strong appreciation to our mother tongue, through various #BilMalti products thetinkshop.com is continuously growing its market reach whilst facilitating the gift-giving process to match the ever-increasing pace of our fast lives. Thetinkshop.com is effectually setting new standards to the gift-giving industry in Malta by offering its users the ability to design the product themselves, online, from the comfort of their home whilst drastically reducing order fulfilment lead times. 

Finalists – CCTrader Crypto, eCabs Website (www.ecabs.com.mt)


Category – Best App

Winners – SavviSave – www.savvisave.com

Owner/Developer: MAPFRE MSV Life p.l.c 

SavviSave is a flexible, goal oriented, digital savings product from MAPFRE MSV Life that lets you save towards your personal goals. The money saved is linked to the performance of an index that consists mainly of international bonds and equities with a guarantee level that you can chose. SavviSave features engaging, playful design to create a unique and inspirational look and feel as you are setting up your personal savings goals. After setting up your savings goals, you are in full control having different options of editing your goals and enjoying full visibility and transparency in tracking the performance of the investment index behind your goals directly from your connected smartphone. “Digital savings simplified” also means that you can deposit or withdraw money from your savings plan anytime and from anywhere. By delivering an engaging and frictionless user experience, SavviSave simplifies digital savings as no one else has done before. 

Finalists – eCabs Mobile APP, FreeHour Student App – www.freehour.eu


Category – Best eGovernment Initiative

Winners – www.plumtri.org

Owner: Malta Council for Science & Technology (MCST) 

Developer: Seasus 

The PluMTri portal performs 2 major functions, the first being the showcasing of information, opportunities, programmes, and any news and events related to R&I. The portal’s second function is to allow users to view and connect with other individuals and organisations active in R&I. Users have the opportunity to register as members of PluMTri and upload their profiles based on a standardised template. Maltese individuals and organisations based in Malta as well as abroad can thus identify potential collaborators on studies or projects and simultaneously be identified as potential collaborators by the viewers of the portal. The portal enables users to create an online profile to include the contact information, experience and interests for their areas of specialisation. The advanced profile search functionality then enables other researchers and organisation to locate other individuals or organisation with the expertise required for projects. 

Finalists – Explore More – MyJourney / https://exploremoreproject.eu/, MITA MAGNET III Secure Connectivity for Government


Category – Best Social Media Campaign (50% People’s Choice)

Winners – Zabbar Umbrella Installation

Owner: Haz-Zabbar Local Council

Developer: Y Limited 

The Zabbar Local Council needed an innovative solution to promote an event they organised last year. The Umbrella Installation was born. The concept was chosen because of the umbrella-Zabbar feast factor and also because of an anticipated social media impact. The selected street provided a perfect frame for social media photos and allowed anyone to shoot photos which would include the length of the road, the umbrellas, reflections on windows and cars, shadows and the location of the event in one photo. The umbrellas were an instant hit on social media. The street was even used for pre-wedding photography, car photography, creative videos etc. Within a week the installation was featured in all news bulletins, news portals and newspapers and also in a variety of international photographic reports ranging from Singapore to Paris and Saudi Arabia. This was the widest exposure ever given to the City of Zabbar. 

Finalists – Kindness Doesn’t Costa Thing, The Bubble – A Festival of Life


Category – Cybersecurity

Winners – Hybrid Cloud for Government

Owner: Malta Information Technology Agency

Developer: ICT Solutions 

Providing iron-clad security, and complying to industry best practices such as ISO:27001, ISO/IEC 22301:2012, Security ISO/IEC 27017:2015, ISO/IEC 27018:2014 & EN 301 549 standards, the Hybrid cloud is truly at the cutting edge of secure by design implementations. A core component of the solution also provides identity aggregation & federation as a service, available to government, business and consumers. This is a critical building block to allow for all customers of the solution to take the steps to deploy their own security policies and systems, making use of the tenants of identity-based security. This investment showcases a commitment from the government both in its strategy of enabling government entities in order to grow the deployment of a competitive and agile eGovernment solutions, and also the strategy of moving to a secure identity based Zero Trust model of information security. 

Finalists – Malta Government Notifications Platform, MITA MAGNET III Secure Connectivity for Government

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