The following terms shall have the following meaning throughout these terms and conditions:

  • Awards’ shall refer to the Tech.mt eBusiness Awards 2022.
  • Solution’ means the entry to be judged in the Tech.mt eBusiness Awards 2022.
  • Nominee’ means the organisation whose Solution has been nominated for an award.
  • Solution Provider’ means the organisation that has developed the Solution.
  • Nomination’ means the online form that is completed as the entry submission.
  • Category’ means each particular category of award to be given and presented by the Tech.mt as listed and detailed on the Website.
  • Closing Date’ means the date by which submissions will be made as published on the Tech.mt website.
  • Judging Criteria’ means the criteria and basis for judging nominations to determine the Finalists and Winners of the Tech.mt eBusiness Awards 2022.
  • Adjudication Committee’ means the panel of experts comprised of representatives from the Tech.mt and other industry experts from the ICT and end-user communities.


To be eligible to participate in the Awards, the Nominee must demonstrate that:

  • Either the Solution provider / owner is based in Malta; or
  • The Solution is specifically targeted at the Maltese market.

In the case where a Solution is designed to carry out online commerce, that is, the business concern enters into any form of contractual arrangement with its customers, (accepts orders and/or payments via the Internet), it must satisfy the Code of Conduct

Entries that fail to do so will not be considered for judging.

Past winning solutions cannot be nominated for this year’s awards.

Tech.mt employees, current Board Members and members of the Adjudication Committee are not eligible to participate in the Awards.


By submitting a Nomination, the Nominee confirms that it accepts these terms and conditions and it has the agreement of all parties associated with the project that the submission be made.

All Nominations must be submitted in full via the online entry form found on the Tech.mt eBusiness Awards website. This must be completed in either Maltese or English and submitted before or on the Closing Date.

The Nominee must have all the necessary rights required by law to submit the entry and shall be responsible that the all information submitted is true, current and complete, up to the date of submission. Any claim relating to the nomination must be backed up with sufficient evidence of such claim. Additional data or information may be requested at the discretion of the Adjudication Committee.

A Solution can only be listed under one Category.


Tech.mt represents and warrants on its behalf and on behalf of its employees, that:

All information provided in the Nomination form will be treated with the strictest confidence.  No information will be disclosed to third parties, other than those involved in the running of the Awards, without the prior written consent of the Nominee or its representatives.

It will not be kept liable for any damages resulting from the disclosure of information which is readily available in the public domain or becomes available in the public domain after the submission of the Nomination.

It may use the Nominee’s name and logo for purposes connected with promoting the Awards.

The name of the Nominee and the logo will be used in the exact form provided by the Nominee.

Tech.mt may decide not to use the name and logo supplied by the Nominee if it considers it to be of unsuitable quality or style, misleading, or not representative of the nominated Solution.

It agrees to notify the Nominee if at any time during the course of these Terms and Conditions any of the representations or warranties made by Tech.mt within these Terms and Conditions change.


An Adjudication Committee will be appointed by Tech.mt for the purpose of acknowledging the merits of individual achievements based on pre-defined criteria. It will be appointed and coordinated by Tech.mt at its absolute discretion. Tech.mt reserves the right to alter the composition of the said panel at any time.

Members of the Adjudication Committee will sign a confidentiality agreement declaring no conflict of interest. If a member has a conflict of interest in one or more Nominations under any Category, he/she is to declare such interest and abstain from deliberations concerning all entries under the category in question.

Final awards will be made based on the submitted Nominations received by the Closing Date.

If so advised by the Adjudication Committee members, Tech.mt reserves the right to make no award in any or all categories if, in their opinion, the nominations are of insufficient merit.

There will be no communication between the Adjudication Committee members and Nominees, Solution Providers and any of their representatives regarding judging criteria, process, and decisions.

Adjudication will commence after the Closing Date.

The decisions of the Adjudication Committee members with regard to all the Nominations within all the categories and also with regard to the respective winners are final.

The Chair of the Adjudication Committee has the final casting vote in the event of a tie. This is only applicable if the Chair does not have a conflict of interest in one or more Nominations under any Category.


The Adjudication Committee will shortlist a number of Solutions from each Category. The winner from each Category will be announced online through Tech.mt’s platforms

Nominees that do not make it to the shortlist stage will be informed by email.

Shortlisted Nominees will be advised by e-mail and they must also collaborate by providing any required information that may be needed in the preparation for the online announcement.

Tech.mt will have the right to use any of the information, including photographs or filming, made available by the Nominees, Solution Providers and their representatives, as well as any interviews given by the Nominees, Solution Providers and their representatives.


Tech.mt reserves the right to request supporting documentation relating to the nominations that are shortlisted. This includes but is not limited to free limited time access to apps, websites and/or any material that is deemed necessary by the Adjudication Committee.

The Awards logo may only be used with prior written consent of Tech.mt.

Tech.mt shall not in any circumstances be liable for consequential, indirect or special damages of any kind arising out of the Nominee’s participation in the Awards.

By submitting a Nomination to the Awards places no obligation on Tech.mt that the Nominee will receive an award.

Tech.mt will have the exclusive intellectual rights on the use of the Logo and any publications and productions produced by Tech.mt as part of this initiative.

Interested in participating or know someone you would like to nominate?


Nominations for 2022 are now closed!

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