WINNER for Best Cloud-Based Solution as a Service (SaaS) – The Malta eBusiness Awards 2020: Indigo Attendance – Shireburn Software

Indigo Attendance is a powerful cloud-based software that simplifies staff rostering, scheduling, labour cost management and attendance tracking. From the creation and management of rosters, and its automatic updates to Indigo’s Payroll, the application significantly simplifies an organisation’s workflow. Its cost management features allow companies to effectively manage their operations. Whereas the integrated leave data helps avoid under-staffing departments and locations when creating rosters.

Indigo Attendance is used by large and medium scale companies all over Malta, enabling management to take more data-driven decisions and promote more efficient workflow. With recent adaptations and introduction of the Mobile application, Indigo Attendance now also caters for people who work remotely, giving the solution an added degree of flexibility and scalability.

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