WINNER for Best ICT Academic Dissertation – The Malta eBusiness Awards 2020: Data Visualisation Using BI for Digital Health

Patient throughput in Outpatient clinics is growing at a steady rate, with several people being referred to the Outpatient from general practitioners which significantly increases the load on clinicians and negatively affects clinic efficiency by increasing patient waiting time.

This results in having no available slots for urgent cases with the resources that the clinic currently has. To address this issue, the clinical processes were thoroughly analysed by meeting with the clinicians of a particular clinic and these were represented by diagrams. From these diagrams, KPIs were derived to design BI Dashboards that can visualise information effectively and assist clinicians in better knowing the state of the clinic.

Furthermore, a model was designed to generate the likelihood of future appointment being missed. Thus, enhancing future appointment management within the clinic. Hospital health expenses are significantly minimised when managing future appointments appropriately as appointments may be scheduled efficiently with this model.

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