WINNER for Best use of Tech in Business Transformation – The Malta eBusiness Awards 2020: Primary HealthCare, Ministry for Health

Moving away from Paper-Based patient records, towards an integrated Electronic Patient Record IT system – Primary HealthCare, Ministry for Health

‘Continuity of care’ has always been a central concept in the Primary HealthCare’s healthcare provision. However, it has always been a challenge to achieve this without incurring a level of delay caused by the manual paper-based records system, as the patients’ medical records were difficult to timely share internally and transport across the Primary HealthCare’s facilities. Moreover, patients’ records were subject to misplacement or loss, in instances notes were illegible and the records also occupied considerable space.

The Electronic Patient Record (EPR) is an innovative business model of how the Primary HealthCare successfully leveraged ICT solutions to facilitate the exchange of health information electronically across its entire footprint. The EPR provided the desired level of continuity of care and a higher quality and a safer care environment for our patients while simultaneously tangibly increase the overall operational efficiency and effectiveness output for the benefit the patients and the stakeholders.

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