Best E Commerce Site (B2C)

The category seeks to reward the application that, in the opinion of the adjudication committee, best represents the business-to-consumer (B2C) application that exploits the unique medium of the World Wide Web to present effective, sometimes entertaining but positively engaging information, in a manner that has been specifically developed and fashioned for this online medium and targeted towards general online users.

Main Adjudication Criteria

User Experience

The extent to which the site provides users with a unique and beneficial online experience through the use of technology.


The degree to which the content, including goods and/or services on offer, are presented in an appropriate, relevant and engaging manner.


The underlying security infrastructure that mitigates the risk to the solution owner and all external stakeholders.

Payment Option

The presence of an effective payment channel through which secure payments can be affected.

Customer Experience

The inclusion of various other factors that render the customer experience and interactions across the site a positive experience.


The use of technology to promote a unique approach, product, service, idea or concept.


Secondary Adjudication Criteria

Structure & Navigation

The level to which the information content is organised and prioritised in a user-friendly and intuitive manner.

Visual Appeal

The degree of visual and aesthetic appeal when browsing across the site.


The usefulness, relevance and practical application of the site when operating within an online environment.


The ease with which users can browse through content, including goods and/or services on offer, in order to commit a transaction.


The capability to monitor, track, report and analyse channel effectiveness.

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