Best Sustainable Tech

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Closing date for submissions is extended till 9th September 2022.

Adjudication Criteria

Over the last decade technology has experienced unprecedented growth which has consequently impacted the environment negatively.

This award seeks to celebrate those tech and online organisations that strived at leaving a positive impact on the environment through sustainable business practices.

Main Adjudication Criteria

1    Environmental Benefit

Promoting business practices that leave a positive impact on the environment.

2    Resource Management

Managing and/or utilising alternative resources with minimal or no impact in price, quality and to the environment.

3    Innovation in Sustainable Practices

The innovativeness of sustainable business practices by the business.

4    Value Proposition

How the value proposition reflects sustainability at the very core of the business.

Bonus Criterion

5     Social and Corporate Governance

Recognising those who made a considerable effort to contribute towards community welfare and those focusing on good corporate governance.

Ref. Primary Adjudication Criteria Weighting (%)
1 Environmental Benefit 25
2 Resource Management 25
3 Innovation in Sustainable Practices 25
4 Value Proposition 25
Ref. Bonus Criterion Weighting (%)
5 Social and Corporate Governance 5

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