WINNER for Best Tech Start-Up – The Malta eBusiness Awards 2020: Gain Changer

GainChanger is an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) technology company. Their primary service is consultancy to help clients rank better on different search engines. They do this with a combination industry knowledge, strategies and processing of internet data and by using a mix of in house and external technology to aid them in their services to assist clients in finding links from websites that will help them rank higher on search engines through proprietry software tools.

Gain Changer also provides consultancy services to optimise the structure of their customers’ websites so they rank better on major search engines. In the industry of Search Engine Optimisation, software is used as a supporting aid to assist with research and in some cases automate processes.

The eBusiness Awards is an awards ceremony organised by and is intended to promote and reward Malta’s Best Tech Companies and Solutions.